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Freckled Satan Lovers Anonymous

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Welcome to Freckled Satan Lovers Anonymous! This community has been set up for lj-using fans and fanciers, be you boy or girl, of Ron Weasley (of HP fame). Let us explain the name -

Over on FAP (that's Fiction Alley to those of you who are woefully un-educated when it comes to the HP fandom)a hilariously sarcastic poster named Hippie Girl referred to one Ron Weasley as a "Freckled Satan". This was a deliciously daring taunt directed at those who see Ron Weasley as a future Death Eater, wife basher and general no good beatnick. Doubled over in laughter, we decided to create a community to honour this "Freckled Satan" we've adopted as our own. And here we are. So come and join Freckled Satan Lovers Anonymous, and don't be confused by the account name boys- you're all more than welcome!

Thanks to puddleduck3 for her tremendous help in the set up & modding of this community, Hippie Girl of FAP for providing the name, and of course, JKR, for creating the character we love so much.


marauderpunk, aka billywig182 on FAP, aka Kase AND puddleduck3, aka puddleduck on FAP, aka Jem.